Mobile learning and blended interaction

Steve Wheeler, en su blog, sobre las consecuencias de la extensión del uso de los teléfonos móviles. Michael G. Moore definió tres tipos de interacciones en el aprendizaje: con los contenidos, con el profesorado, y entre los estudiantes. Los móviles permiten superar limitaciones y aumentan los modos y contextos de interacción. Incluso pueden ser a la vez mixtas y simultáneas.

Consider the benefits of learning while on the move. Once this could only be achieved using books. In previous posts I have argued that personal, handheld technologies such as smart phones, e-readers, tablet computers and games consoles enable mobile learning at the pace of the individual, in any place and at any time. Let's assume for the moment that we can connect to the Web from anywhere we are, and that everyone has a mobile device (This is far from reality, but humour me). This would represent a paradigm shift for education and a personalised learning revolution for every student.