NAER-Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research Vol 4, No 2 (2015)

Está disponible un nuevo número de NAER-Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research, editado por la Universidad de Alicante, con los contenidos siguientes.

Issue Introduction

"Innovation and Research in Education: A Necessary Tandem for the 21st Century". Enric Mallorquí-Ruscalleda.

Special Section: Innovation as Valuable Catalyst Element of Educational Reseach

"Flexible Learning Itineraries Based on Conceptual Maps". Olga Lucía Agudelo, Jesús Salinas Ibáñez.

"Early Childhood Student Teachers' Observation and Experimentation of Creative Practices as a Design Processes". Janaina Minelli de Oliveira, Eliana Esther Gallardo-Echenique.

"The Impact of a Cooperative Learning Program on the Academ-ic Achievement in Mathematics and Language in Fourth Grade Students and its Relation to Cognitive Style". Mery Luz Vega-Vaca, Christian Hederich-Martínez.

"Virtual worlds and social and educational inclusion: case study at Secondary Education Institute Cal Gravat". Linda Castañeda Quintero, María del Mar Román García, Ramon Barlam Aspasch.


"Integration processes of a Romanian group in a Huelva village through family life stories". Antonia María Diaz Reales, Ignacio Aguaded-Gómez.

"Inclusive education in schools in rural areas". J. Antonio Callado Moreno, Mª Dolores Molina Jaén, Eufrasio Pérez Navío, Javier Rodríguez Moreno.

"Professional development in teacher digital competence and improving school quality from the teachers’ perspective: a case study". Mercè Gisbert Cervera, José Luis Lázaro Cantabrana.

"Online tutoring procedure for research project supervision: management, organization and key elements". Antònia Dardes Mesquida, Adolfina Pérez.

"School organization and the mobilization of teachers and students in the use of a new general secondary education curriculum in East Timor". Ana Margarida Capelo, Isabel Cabrita.