Tony Bates: Understanding the Building Blocks of Online Learning

Una serie de ocho artículos en Contact North que resumen la aportación de Tony Bates a la educación a distancia y la educación en línea durante las últimas décadas. Vía OLDaily.

  1. Introduction
  2. Planning for effective teaching with technology
  3. How emerging pedagogies map onto the new technologies
  4. How faculty can support learner success
  5. How faculty can assure quality in an online learning environment
  6. Guidelines for faculty from educational technology research
  7. Costing considerations for hybrid and online courses
  8. Institutional and faculty roles in strategic planning

His constant message is that most institutions are under-exploiting the potential of technology to respond to the growing pressures for change in post-secondary education. For meaningful improvements, major changes are needed in the prevailing institutional cultures and the way they are managed.