MOOCs as Non-Disruptors: So, Where Do we go From Here?

Artículo de Debbie Morrison en su blog. Ahora que parece que no se está cumpliendo la profecía de la perturbación (disruption), anunciada por Anant Agarwal, presidente de edX, para el pasado año 2012, ¿que conclusiones podemos sacar de los MOOC? Y, ¿hacia dónde vamos a partir de aquí?

I close with this excerpt from Professor Head’s blog piece. She’s nailed it—”the positive conversation is just beginning“—will you be part of it?

“I’d like to close with this challenge: Please continue to think about the process and practice of teaching MOOCs as objectively as possible, using constructive academic discourse. We frequently hear this topic talked about in terms of “disruption,” a word I really disdain. I wonder how such a term—meaning disorder, turmoil, destruction —became the preferred way to talk about improving education. Why haven’t we gravitated instead to words like augment, extend, progress, or strengthen? Our MOOC has ended, but a larger, more positive conversation is just beginning.”