Howard Gardner: ‘Multiple intelligences’ are not ‘learning styles’

Howard Gardner (Harvard Graduate School of Education) explica su teoría de las "inteligencias múltiples", al tiempo que crítica el concepto de "estilos de aprendizaje". Vía OLDaily.

As an educator, I draw three primary lessons for educators:

  1. Individualize your teaching as much as possible. Instead of “one size fits all,” learn as much as you can about each student, and teach each person in ways that they find comfortable and learn effectively. Of course this is easier to accomplish with smaller classes. But ‘apps’ make it possible to individualize for everyone.
  2. Pluralize your teaching. Teach important materials in several ways, not just one (e.g. through stories, works of art, diagrams, role play). In this way you can reach students who learn in different ways. Also, by presenting materials in various ways, you convey what it means to understand something well. If you can only teach in one way, your own understanding is likely to be thin.
  3. Drop the term “styles.” It will confuse others and it won’t help either you or your students.