Mind the gap: 2013 Wiley survey reveals generational differences in authors’ open access views and experience

Resultados de la encuesta del grupo editorial Wiley a ocho mil autores, acerca del acceso abierto a sus publicaciones científicas. Los autores más jóvenes son más favorables a publicar en abierto mediante licencias de Creative Commons.

When looking at the full pool, respondents overwhelmingly preferred the more permissive licenses. CC-BY-NC (Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial License) was ranked as a top three choice by 81% of respondents and 70% ranked CC-BY (Creative Commons Attribution License) in their top three. However, preferences clearly differed according to age group. Early career professionals were 6% more likely to publish under a Creative Commons (CC) license than more mature researchers, while over half of respondents above the age of 55 preferred not to use CC licenses of any kind.