Will killer robot dogs mean the end of universities?

Martin Weller (Open University) bromea acerca de los MOOC como amenaza que acabará con las universidades. Quizás, nos dice, la idea de los MOOC como complemento que enriquezca la oferta educativa de las universidades no da para titulares tan llamativos.

I think we've been through the first wave of the digital revolution, we've seen the things that will die off. And actually they don't usually die, they adapt. We shouldn't underestimate the ability of an industry, an organisation, professional people to accommodate digital practice. The 'will die' proponents do humans a big disservice, and portray digital change as an autonomous force which people are powerless before (I'm not mentioning technological determinism here). But if you look closely at that wave of change it is constructed from people using technology.