OEREU - Open Educational Resources in Europe

Proyecto de la Comisión Europea para la evaluación crítica de iniciativas y prácticas relacionadas con los recursos educativos abiertos, con el objetivo de mostrar los beneficios que conllevan, identificar retos, proponer recomendaciones, etc. Se contemplan tanto la creación de contenidos como el desarrollo de software y de estándares. Vía Pontydysgu - Bridge to Learning.

It is acknowledged by policymakers and researchers that a fundamental transformation of education and learning throughout Europe is needed to address the new skills and competences required if Europe is to remain competitive, overcome the current economic crisis, grasp new opportunities and insure social justice and cohesion. In order to provide stakeholders with evidence on the contribution of Open Education to those aims, and in pursuance of promoting the use of OER in school education, higher education and adult education, the Open Educational Resources in Europe (OEREU) project will provide a critical assessment of OER initiatives and practices in Europe, develop sector-specific foresight scenarios to illustrate the benefits, carry out a representative survey on the use of OER, identify challenges across all sectors and, jointly with stakeholders, develop, discuss and propose recommendations for the further development and mainstreaming of OER in Europe.