The Blackboard Announcements, Part 2: Can Open Source Be Bought?

Nuevo artículo de Michael Feldstein tras los anuncios de Blackboard. ¿Se puede comprar el código abierto? Tras aclarar algunos conceptos básicos (copyright, licencias, sostenibilidad y gobernanza de proyectos open source), Feldstein analiza lo que una corporación malintencionada podría o no podría hacer con Canvas, Moodle o Sakai.

I have gotten a lot of email from folks who moved to Moodle (often from Blackboard CE) because they wanted to get away from Blackboard and they thought that open source was “safe.” In my first post on the announcements, I noted there are reasons to believe that Moodlerooms customers may do just fine under the new corporate ownership. But still, what does the announcement mean? Did Blackboard buy Moodle? What about open source can be for sale? What protection does it afford from corporate acquisition, and what are the limits of those protections?

I’ll try to outline some of the ins and outs in this post [...]

Igualmente interesante resulta la respuesta de Charles Severance en su blog: Good and Evil is not the right model - its a Money Thing.