How Open Data, data literacy and Linked Data will revolutionise higher education

Un artículo de Derek McAuley, Hanif Rahemtulla, James Goulding y Catherine Souch sobre la importancia de los datos abiertos y los datos enlazados (open data, linked data) y de las competencias correspondientes (data literacy) para la educación superior. Via Graham Attwell.

Linked Data, which uses familiar web-based URL addresses to provide links between Open Data sources, allows higher education to benefit from a ‘network effect’ as educational data is liberated from its traditional silos. Richer interconnected information environments will produce richer learning environments and a host of new opportunities: simplifying resource discovery and promoting personal exploration of material; supporting integration of distributed discourse while encouraging referencing skills; enhancing construction of both personal and group knowledge while promoting self-actuated learning; facilitating better argumentation and critical thinking skills through advanced reasoning over large volumes of resources; and because Linked Data represents a powerful tool for independent learning, it does all this with the added benefit of further disintermediating educators.