IMS GLC: IMS Global Learning Consortium releases Common Cartridge v1.1 Standard

IMS ha publicado (finalmente) la versión definitiva del estándar de contenidos Common Cartridge 1.1.

24 February 2011, Lake Mary, FL. - IMS Global Learning Consortium today announced the release of the highly anticipated final release of Common Cartridge v1.1. The Common Cartridge standard provides a means for interoperability, reusability, and customization of digital learning content, assessments, collaborative discussion forums, and a diverse set of learning applications. The standard offers both end-users and vendors  the possibility of greater choice in both content and platforms. This latest version of Common Cartridge includes support for Basic Learning Tools Interoperability which provides a  standard way of integrating rich learning applications or premium content with platforms such as Learning Management Systems, portals, or other systems.