Número especial de JOLT sobre LMS de la próxima generación

El último número del Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT) (Vol. 4, No. 2, Junio de 2008) inlcuye una sección especial sobre Learning Management Systems (LMS) de la próxima generación con los siguientes artículos:

  • Section 1: Research on Design and Usage
    • Blackboard as the Learning Management System in a Computer Literacy Course, Florence Martin
    • Lifelong Learning and Systems: A Post-Fordist Analysis, Patricia McGee and Marybeth Green
    • Learning Management Systems of the Future: Theoretical Framework and Design, Farhad Saba

  • Section 2: Defining Tools for a New Learning Space
    • Wikis as a Tool for Collaborative Course Management, Mark Frydenberg
    • Defining Tools for a New Learning Space: Writing and Reading Class Blogs, Sarah Hurlburt
    • The LMS Mirror: School as We Know IT versus School as We Need IT and the Triumph of the Custodial Class, Gary Brown and Nils Peterson
  • Section 3: Visioning Future Spaces
    • Deepening the Chasm: Web 2.0, Gaming, and Course Management Systems, Bryan Alexander
    • Identity, Power, and Representation in Virtual Environments, Frank Vander Valk
    • Breaking into the Fulcrum Arena: A Concept Paper Looking Beyond Next Generation LMS, Shalin Hai-Jew

También hay un página con los resúmenes y enlaces a las versiones HTML y PDF de cada artículo.