eLearning Papers Issue No.36 Learning Analytics and Assessment

Open Education Europa ha publicado recientemente (enero 2014) el número 36 de eLearning Papers sobre Learning Analytics y evaluación.

Los seis artículos son:

  • Towards Teacher-led Design Inquiry of Learning
    Valérie Emin-Martinez, Cecilie Hansen, María Jesús Rodríguez Triana, Barbara Wasson, Yishay Mor, Mihai Dascalu, Rebecca Ferguson, Jean-Philippe Pernin
  • Learning Analytics in basic math education – first results from the field
    Martin Ebner, Martin Schön, Benedikt Neuhold
  • Teachers’ creativity throughout professional life A model based on oer cycle
    Juliana Raffaghelli
  • Using linked data in Learning Analytics
    Mathieu d'Aquin, Stefan Dietze, Hendrik Drachler, Davide Taibi, Eelco Herder
  • Conceptual Quilting: A Medium for Reflection in Online Courses
    Beth Perry, Margaret Edwards, Katherine Janzen
  • Social Learning Analytics applied in a MOOC-environment
    Bieke Schreurs, Chris Teplovs, Susan Voogd