How to make your own MOOC! (Well…quasi-MOOC)

¿Puede cualquier organización crear su propio MOOC? Sí y no, según este artículo. Pero el problema no es la tecnología, sino la dificultad de llegar a un número verdaderamente masivo de estudiantes interesados. Vía Jesús Salinas.

The barrier is not technology–we (and many of our competitors) have the software and infrastructure to support a MOOC right now. The problem is that you don’t have the brand to draw a truly massive number of learners, and that critical mass is required to make MOOCs work.

But there is good news! You can create a MOOC-like experience–a “quasi-MOOC.” Below, I’ll explain why massive numbers are essential to making MOOCs work, then offer five simple tips for creating a quasi-MOOC that gives almost the same experience to your learners–even if they don’t number in the tens of thousands.