Why Do Students Enroll in (But Don't Complete) MOOC Courses?

Artículo en MindShift sobre los datos de finalización de cursos masivos recogidos por Katy Jordan, de la Open University. De media, menos de un 10% de los estudiantes completan un MOOC, al parecer. Pero quizá sería más interesante entender por qué participan.

It's not that course completion rates don't inform observers about the nature of MOOCs, said Michelle Rhee-Weise, who follows higher-ed developments in online and blended learning as an education senior research fellow for the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation (formerly Innosight Institute). But with no negative academic consequences from dropping out, that information is less about the effectiveness of the courses themselves, and more about the reasons people might be enrolling [...]