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Google Launches Free Curriculum for Certified Ed Tech Coach Credential

29 Junio, 2020 - 21:22
Google has kicked off a new Google for Education Certified Coach Program, for instructional coaches, and specifically the individuals who work with educators to help them integrate technology appropriately into their instruction.

Free Class Teaches Python Data Wrangling

29 Junio, 2020 - 21:17
Students who have some familiarity with Python can attend a free four-day course in July on the use of data manipulation with Python. The "Data Wrangling with Python Bootcamp" is being taught by an instructor from Data Society, a company that does corporate data science training, and hosted by Skillsoft, which maintains a learning platform.

Video & Lecture Capture App Updated to Record Zoom/Teams Sessions

29 Junio, 2020 - 21:09
Lecture capture and video management company Sonic Foundry has updated and renamed its Mediasite desktop recorder program. The new app, Mediasite Mosiac, enables users to manage and upload collaborative recordings from Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other video and web conference systems as well as create video communications.

Dallas ISD Gets Elementary CS Education via Amazon

29 Junio, 2020 - 21:05
Dallas Independent School District will be delivering computer science professional development to teachers in all of its elementary schools, thanks to an arrangement with Amazon.

Kahoot Launches Learning Content Academy

29 Junio, 2020 - 20:58
Education technology company Kahoot! has launched an academy where teachers can find and share learning content.

Updated: Free Resources for Schools During COVID-19 Outbreak

24 Junio, 2020 - 20:22
In response to the number of states, districts and schools that are shuttering schools to students in response to fears about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), education technology companies have stepped forward to help educators reach students in virtual ways. (Updated June 24)

KinderLab Bundles Curriculum for Teaching Screen-Free Robotics Remotely

24 Junio, 2020 - 19:43
An education technology company that produces a robot for use by early learners has developed resources to help teachers prepare for fall classes that could be held remotely. KinderLab Robotics is the maker of KIBO, a robot that can be programmed by young students without the use of a screen and with the use of wooden blocks.

July Computer Science Teacher Conference Free with Sign-in Code

24 Junio, 2020 - 14:00
Teachers can attend a virtual conference in July for free, where they'll learn how to engage students in computer science learning.

Extreme Intros Kits for Hosting Safer Events

23 Junio, 2020 - 20:27
A network gear company has compiled a bundle of products that's being promoted as a ramp-up for hosting virus-safe esports and athletic events at schools and other locations.

Experts Weigh In: How to Reopen Schools Safely

23 Junio, 2020 - 20:14
A team of clinicians, scientists and educators has examined the issues involved in helping schools prevent the spread of COVID-19. Among the essentials that will be required: "large-scale" viral testing in students, appropriate communications and robust contact tracing.

NASEF Builds Up Esports Career Resources

23 Junio, 2020 - 20:06
The North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) is working with a company to publish esports career information.

Free Thursday Online Event Features 3D Printing in Education

23 Junio, 2020 - 19:27
3D printer maker MakerBot is hosting a free virtual summit on 3D printing and other STEM topics in education this Thursday, Jun. 25, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time. "Innovating for Tomorrow" will feature educators and students taking the online stage to show how the technology has changed their learning.

Students Get Scholarships to Summer STEM Camps

23 Junio, 2020 - 19:19
The goal is to expose underrepresented minorities to the world of STEM as a field of professional pursuit. The scholarship students will receive laptops and home internet access.

K–12 Grants & Upcoming Events

23 Junio, 2020 - 18:41
Upcoming funding opportunities for K–12 school, teachers and groups (updated June 8)

NEA Predicts 20 Percent Decline in Education Workforce

17 Junio, 2020 - 20:47
The largest labor union in the country, the National Education Association, has estimated that the United States could lose 1.9 million education jobs unless Congress delivers additional funding for states and localities to bolster support for schools.

Guide Lays Road to School Reopenings

17 Junio, 2020 - 20:29
The National Labor Management Partnership Coalition, a loose group of education organizations, has issued a short report to help schools plan their reopening in the fall. The seven-page guide advised the use of a "collaboration matrix" involving administrators, district staff and teachers and community members for decision-making.

'Making for Good Challenge' Awards 3 Prizes

17 Junio, 2020 - 20:23
A $15 reusable device for blocking pain; a portable CT scanner; and a device for reducing distracted driving. Those were the three winners in this year's "Making for Good Challenge," a competition run by toolmaker Stanley Black & Decker and education technology company Discovery Education through their joint "Innovation Generation" program.