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The Future of the University: Speculative Design for Innovation in Higher Education

OLDaily - 20 Noviembre, 2015 - 19:13

David J. Staley, EDUCAUSE Review, Nov 20, 2015

I guess from a certain perspective these five scenarios could be perceived as innovative. There is, for example, the 'polymath university', where nobody is allowed to specialize in a single program, but rather, all must specialize in a mixture of distinct programs (like  this for example). Or there is the 'nomad university', where participants gather at different locations from time to time, and classes are problem-based. Or the 'ludic university', which is based on the idea of 'the university of play' (and an unfortunately shallow sensitivity toward the origins of the ludis). But throughout all of these ideas, the fundamental model of the university remains unchanged. There are still students. There are still classes. And there are still professors who run the show.

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The Conversation: Why 1904 Testing Methods Should Not Be Used for Today’s Students

OLDaily - 20 Noviembre, 2015 - 19:13

Robert Sternberg, National Education Policy Centre, Nov 20, 2015

This article is interesting in its own right, but I found it interesing to reflect on my own attitudes toward the piece after reading that the author had scored a low IQ. And it underlines the main point, that "Testing is compromising the future of many of our able students. Today’ s testing comes at the expense of validity (strong prediction of future success), equity (ensuring that members of various groups have an equal shot), and common sense in identifying those students who think deeply and reflectively rather than those who are good at answering shallow multiple-choice questions."

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Expert-Level Certification Program Evolution

OLDaily - 20 Noviembre, 2015 - 19:13

Unattributed, Cisco, Nov 20, 2015

This is a brief update from Cisco describing the latest evolution of its 'evoloving technologies' domain, outlining subject areas for expertise in the area. It's an interesting glimpse into what they think is important. "For today, the 'Evolving Technologies' section will focus on the three subdomains of cloud, IoT, and network programmability."

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The app that lets you create Khan Academy-style videos in 60 seconds

OLDaily - 20 Noviembre, 2015 - 19:13

Peter West, eSchool News, Nov 20, 2015

Today's little bit of coolness (I can't wait to try it): "Anyone can now create learning resources for students in little more time that is required for a normal explanation of a topic... almost anything that I would normally write on paper to explain to a student I now do on my computer (a pen-based Windows tablet — in my case a Surface Pro 3). The time overhead is minimal, and students can replay the explanation whenever and wherever is needed, as many times as is needed."

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The Collapsed Topics Course Format Is Available For 2.9 and 3.0

Moodle News - 20 Noviembre, 2015 - 18:47
Gareth Barnard posted in the forum recently that the Collapsed Topic course format is now available for Moodle 2.9 and 3.0. From Gareth: Both versions add an improved ‘responsive’ feature...

One of the best

Learning with 'e's - 20 Noviembre, 2015 - 12:38
Once in a while, someone comes into your life, profoundly influences it, and then is gone. You forget, but the legacy remains. Just such a person was Carol Woodward. She was headteacher at Woodford Primary School, just a mile or so away from my home in Plymouth. I knew her both as a parent and in a professional capacity. I served as a governor at Woodford for several years, and later had some professional contact with her in my teacher educator role. She was a wonderful teacher, an inspirational leader, and she had my greatest respect.

All three of my children attended Woodford, but my youngest child, who was then in the process of being diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder, was the one who benefited from her care the most. His condition made him very difficult to manage in class, as he oscillated between sudden, volatile behaviour and social withdrawal. It was a difficult time for our family and also for his teachers, but Carol was incredibly supportive, making sure my son had all of the resources to ensure he received a quality education. Her care and attention, her sunny disposition and her decisive intervention were instrumental in ensuring that my son was educated to the highest standards. The children in his class were also incredibly supportive, which is a further testament to the high quality of the teaching at Woodford School.

Over time, my son has learnt to manage and surmount the challenges his autism presents, and now, aged 20, he is in his first year at Plymouth University, studying on a degree programme in computer graphics and games design. He's doing very well. As a family we can't thank Carol enough for the hard work, dedicated care and superb encouragement she gave us all during my son's years at her school. We would love her to know that he is now studying at university, and that her efforts from all that time ago have paid off. We would love her to feel proud of what she achieved with him. But she will never hear it. Sadly, she will never know, because Carol took her own life at the end of the last school term.

The heartbreaking tributes from children currently at the school, and those from her family show just how much she was loved, and the high esteem in which she was held. Tragically, Carol's life came to an end when she could no longer face the pressure and the ignominy of a poor OFSTED report. Her health and mental well being declined rapidly following the government school inspection. It had been conducted while the school was experiencing disruption from building works. The report said the school was inadequate, because communication with parents was 'not always effective', and some bullying incidents had not been recorded. These are questionable criticisms of a school that has enjoyed an exemplary track record for decades. Did the school deserve such a damning report on the basis of these small failures?

It's impossible to say what other pressures there were in Carol's life, and what finally caused her to decide to take her own life. But for those who knew her, and knew the pride with which she led her school, and looked after for the children in her care, it is clear. The OFSTED visit would have caused a tremendous amount of unneeded pressure on everyone, and the trauma of receiving a report that showed the school in a bad light would have been a major contributory factor to her death.

It can only be speculated upon what went through the minds of the inspectors of Woodford School, when they wrote their report. Some of my colleagues are currently school inspectors, or have been in the past, so I am aware of the pressures they themselves face from above. OFSTED's leadership is not famed for its friendliness. Established as the government's education watchdog, many believe that OFSTED has evolved into an attack dog, coached to act aggressively. Regardless of the hype and media surrounding OFSTED, we need a reality check. Schools have improved tremendously over the last few years, and many are now asking whether OFSTED is still necessary. This simply adds further fuel to the fire.

Life is precious, and the lives of teachers are fraught with challenges and pressures. You don't need to look too far to find accounts of teachers suffering from insomnia, anxiety, depression, alcoholism and stories of the culture of fear in schools. Caring for the mental health of teachers is an issue that is not addressed sufficiently in our society. How many teachers entertain suicidal thoughts because of the extreme pressures brought on by a school inspection? Most educators would agree that the additional pressures created by a school inspection do nothing to improve the quality of teaching. In this case, it seems a school inspection cost the life of an excellent teacher.

Carol Woodward was one of the best, sadly taken before her time. In time, the OFSTED report will be forgotten and the school will move on. In her time, thousands of children have benefited from Carol Woodward's excellent teaching and leadership. That will be her legacy. May she rest in peace.

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Photo: Evening Herald

One of the best by Steve Wheeler was written in Plymouth, England and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's

Instructure IPO raises nearly $70 million USD

Moodle News - 20 Noviembre, 2015 - 10:27
On Friday, November 13th (yes, wall street works on that day as well), Instructure, maker of the popular LMS Canvas, officially became a public company. Their initial public offering raised about $70...


OLDaily - 20 Noviembre, 2015 - 07:12

Synereo, Nov 20, 2015

Thisis very similar to what we are building in LPSS (it's also quite different in many ways - we're not building out own type of money, for example). Either way, this future - the distributed, personal, secure web - is the future of the web. Mark this.

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Hear Ray Bradbury’s Classic Sci-Fi Story Fahrenheit 451 as a Radio Drama

OLDaily - 20 Noviembre, 2015 - 07:12

Dan Colman, Open Culture, Nov 20, 2015

OK, I'm just linking to this because I want to have it available for a long flight or something. That is all.

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Cengage, Cyber Science 3D Partner On Science Resources

Campus Technology - 19 Noviembre, 2015 - 22:18
Cyber Science 3D and Cengage Learning will join forces to produce educational science products for K-12 and higher ed schools and libraries.

Partnership of CollegeNET, Switchboard Aims To Strengthen Alumni Engagement

Campus Technology - 19 Noviembre, 2015 - 21:41
The partnership between the technology provider and online engagement platform will help the former’s customer institutions create stronger ties with their alumni.

Acompanyament a una transformació educativa bottom-up

Educació Demà - 19 Noviembre, 2015 - 20:40
L'Escola Pia de Catalunya ha aprovat posar en marxa progressivament un nou model pedagògic que introdueix la interdisciplinarietat i el treball cooperatiu a l'aula, que comportarà canvis substancials en la cultura i l'organització dels 20 centres de l'institució. Però el procés de canvi haurà de ser diferent a cada escola, en funció del seu tamany, cultura i entorn. Coperfield for Social Good acompanya aquest procés amb tallers d'alineament i lideratge per directius, pedagogs i educadors. Localització Espanya 41° 23' 6.2304" N, 2° 10' 24.2544" E See map: Google Maps

Colorado State U Launches Online Teacher Licensure in Math, Science

Campus Technology - 19 Noviembre, 2015 - 20:27
Colorado State University-Global Campus will launch new online teacher licensure programs in science and math this spring.

Study: Millennials Spend More Than 3 Hours a Day on Mobile Phones

Campus Technology - 19 Noviembre, 2015 - 19:31
The average U.S. millennial (aged 16-30) with Internet access spends 3.1 hours a day on a mobile phone — totaling 21.7 hours a week or 1,128 hours (47 days) a year, according to a new study from global research consultancy TNS.

How To Automate Testing For Moodle Administrators

Moodle News - 19 Noviembre, 2015 - 19:25
At the Australia Moot, Daymon Wiese, a Moodle HQ developer, gave a talk on how to automate testing in Moodle for Administrators. Underlying the need for testing in Moodle is the idea that any change...

New Collaboration System Gives Multiple Students Access to Shared Display

Campus Technology - 19 Noviembre, 2015 - 18:57
The Nureva Span system lets students create content on their devices and then move it to a larger digital display board.

University of Warsaw Selects New HPC Cluster

Campus Technology - 19 Noviembre, 2015 - 13:00
The Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling at the University of Warsaw in Poland has selected a high-performance computing cluster for its new data center facility.

The Elegance Theme Has Been Updated For 3.0

Moodle News - 19 Noviembre, 2015 - 10:18
The Elegance Theme has been a true gem in Moodledom – one of the first bootstrap themes and widely used in many applications. In October, Bas Brands became the maintainer of this theme and...