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WakingApp Now Enables Anyone to Create VR/AR Content for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

Campus Technology - 16 Junio, 2016 - 18:00
The latest release of WakingApp allows non-programmers to create interactive content and games for two popular VR headsets.

Free Webinar: The New & Improved Features in Moodle 3.1 by @lambdasolutions

Moodle News - 16 Junio, 2016 - 16:00
Interested in what the fuss is all about when it comes to Moodle 3.1? Lambda Solutions is hosting a free webinar on the latest Moodle release and all the great new features that upgrading can get...

Essential for 3.1 community funding breaks a record…

Moodle News - 16 Junio, 2016 - 14:00
We have been working with Gareth Barnard to ensure that Essential theme is getting the TLC it needs on the last few releases (which really is working to make sure that Gareth is getting the...

Data on student engagement with an LMS is a key to predicting retention

Educación flexible y abierta - 16 Junio, 2016 - 09:07

Hard data on which students are failing to use learning management software can help colleges intervene to boost retention rates.

See it on, via Educación flexible y abierta

The lasting legacy of the "rocket girls" of JPL

OLDaily - 16 Junio, 2016 - 06:59

filthy light thief, Metafilter, Jun 16, 2016

The next time someone tries to tell you girls and women aren't naturally good at math or computing, show them this. "California-based  Jet Propulsion Laboratory  (JPL) has been central to the US missile and rocket development and operations for decades, and from the beginning that technology's success rested on a corps of expert mathematicians,  people known as computers. And from the beginning they were all women..." And it should remind you that the prevalence of boys and men in math and computing is a recent thing, brought to us by the advertising and gaming industry, and as artificial as any of their messages. More.

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Virtually Connecting the OER Conspiracy Dots

OLDaily - 16 Junio, 2016 - 06:59

Jim Groom, bavatuesdays, Jun 16, 2016

There are times I think a lot of OER advocates doesn't really  comprehend the benefits of OERs. This is especially the same when OERs are being used in a traditional education setting. A case in point is Jim Groom's post: "does the push for OER in the form of a cost saving argument for textbooks feed this bait and switch?" he asks. "Like EDUPUNK and MOOCs, I would hate to see OER be the latest installment in a long line of useful idiots for cutting, gutting, and redirecting higher ed funding."  That's fair enough, but I  also don't want to see OER entrenching the  existing content-centered elite-focused higher education system as it exists today.

We have to understand there are two separate, equally valuable, and not-incompatible agendas here: first, to create  access to a wide range of learning materials to people who would not otherwise have access to them; and second, to  lower the cost for students, parents and governments (and, for that matter, employers, companies and institutions). I'd rather see us spend less money per student on education, and enable more flexibility and self-management in education (and we're going to have to if we're to fund education for 7 billion people). To me, OERs are an effective strategy to do this - but we have to do them right. 

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Laptops, Classrooms, and Matters of Electrate Concern

OLDaily - 16 Junio, 2016 - 06:59

Alex Reid, Digital Digs, Jun 16, 2016

Alex Reid points to the obvious counterexample to studies claiming that students in classes with laptops do worse than students in classes without: "t someone might conduct a different study wherein the students who brought laptops to class were also allowed to use them during the multiple-choice final." Yes, that might have a different result. But more to the point: "None of us, students and faculty included, have really figured out how to live, learn, and work in the emerging digital media-cognitive ecology," he writes. "So it is certainly true that we can struggle to accomplish various purposes with technologies pulling us in different directions."

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Texas A&M Aims One-Two Punch for Cyber Security

Campus Technology - 16 Junio, 2016 - 00:34
The National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense issue several designations to colleges and universities that are doing work to prepare students for careers in cyber defense and perform research.

ALEX Wants to Fill Classrooms Like Airbnb Fills Beds

Campus Technology - 15 Junio, 2016 - 22:41
In a world where we can place people in empty seats in cars and empty beds in houses, why not place people in empty chairs in college classrooms?

[curso] Nuevo MOOC de INTEF para Trabajar la Competencia STEM

e-aprendizaje - 4 Febrero, 2016 - 19:47

El año 2016 se presenta con una nueva propuesta de cursos abiertos y masivos del INTEF cuya primera invitación es a participar en “Enseñanza y Evaluación de la Competencia Matemática y la Competencia Clave en Ciencia y Tecnología“, un MOOC en el que se trabajarán las competencias matemática, científica y tecnológica bajo un enfoque holístico, tal y como proponen diversas políticas educativas, incluidas la española, a través de una macro-competencia STEM.

Una vez más Conecta13 participa en la dinamización del curso a través de un auténtico dream team educativo integrado por tres grandes y reconocidos profesionales de la educación, con una amplia experiencia en formación del profesorado, Aníbal de la Torre, Charo Fernández y José Luis Castillo.

En mi caso, además de observar desde la línea cómo juega este dream team he tenido la posibilidad de sumar mi grano de arena en el diseño del curso, colaborando con los auténticos autores del mismo, José Luis Lupiáñez y Javier Carrillo, profesores de los Departamentos de Didáctica de la Matemática y Didáctica de las Ciencias Experimentales, respectivamente, en la Universidad de Granada.

El curso está dirigido a cualquier docente de habla hispana, desde infantil hasta bachillerato, que tenga interés en diseñar, llevar al aula y evaluar actividades de aprendizaje que permitan a su alumnado desarrollar de forma integral las competencias matemática, científica y tecnológica. El plan de actividades está enfocado al aula y el plan de dinamización está diseñado por el equipo liderado por Aníbal para garantizar una experiencia de aprendizaje inolvidable.

¡Te esperamos!

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