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Manage Student Recommendation Letters In Moodle With This Plugin

Moodle News - Hace 4 horas 10 mins
This plugin attempts to solve a common problem in schools and academia. As part of an application process, recommendation letters are often required. With this plugin, the person recommending the...

A Foundation, a Company, and an Enduring Community at Kuali Days 2016

Campus Technology - Hace 7 horas 53 mins
While the conference and the community that developed the original software and pioneered the Kuali movement have been active for more than 12 years, it's been only two years since the advent of Kuali as a new company — now, the software is being developed and offered through a separate, for profit entity. The Kuali Foundation's executive director tells CT how a foundation, a company, and old and new customers thrive and complement each other.

4 Cornell Digitization Projects Win Grants

Campus Technology - Hace 7 horas 53 mins
Four digitization projects at Cornell University have won grants worth around $5,000 each from Cornell's Grants Program for Digital Collections in Arts and Sciences.

Lingua Tweeta and other ideas

Learning with 'e's - Hace 8 horas 29 mins
I spend a lot of my time thinking through issues and challenges around technology supported learning. I try to come up with new ways to use technology that take learning into another place, or into new directions. Eventually I try some of these ideas out with my students. Often I share those ideas and outcomes on this blog. It's gratifying when people listen to these ideas, try them out and then come back to tell me how well they have worked.

When I get some positive feedback it encourages me to work harder to think of more new ideas, methods and strategies for using technology in education.

That's what we should be doing as professional educators - we should not stand still, but should always be seeking new ways we can engage our students and improve education.

Yesterday I saw a tweet from Helen Chapman, Associate Dean at Staffordshire University who had attended a keynote speech I gave for their Learning and Teaching conference earlier this year. I spoke about using audio feedback for formative assessment in higher education, and challenged them to try it out.

I recall once being approached by a teaching in South Africa who was keen to tell me that my SILVER standard model for web site evaluation really worked in her classrooms, and was enriching the learning of her students.

More recently, one of my former students Neil Jarrett, who is now a very successful teacher in an international school in Thailand, had tried out an idea about writeable tables he had found on my blog, and was really excited about the responses from his students, whom he described as more collaborative and creative.

I wrote a blog post in 2009 during the emergence of Twitter as a tool for teaching in formal settings. It was entitled Teaching with Twitter which proved to be one of my most popular posts with over 60,000 view to date. I described 10 ways Twitter could possibly be used to support and extend learning. One of the ideas was called 'Lingua Tweeta' - my way of describing how teachers might use Twitter as a language learning tool. Teachers could tweet a sentence (or a question) in a foreign language, and students would respond in the same language, or could translate the sentence into English. I know that many teachers reblogged the ideas, in many languages around the world. A quick Google search of 'Lingua Tweeta' confirms this. But I wonder if anyone actually used the idea and what results they saw? If you, or someone you know, has used this idea, I would be very happy to hear from you in the comments box below.

Photo by Steve Wheeler

Lingua Tweeta and other ideas by Steve Wheeler was written in Plymouth, England and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's

Ria #26: Nick Foreman On Archival Research

OLDaily - Hace 9 horas 40 mins

, Ecampus Research Unit | Oregon State University, Sept 27, 2016 On this episode, Nick Foreman shares about archival research and the logistics of archival work. [Link] [Comment]

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Lights out for shomi symptomatic of streaming video’s larger profitability problem

OLDaily - Hace 9 horas 40 mins

Terry Dawes, CanTech Letter, Sept 27, 2016

Shomi  foundered on the same shoal that afflicted Netflix - the demands for unsustainable revenues from content producers. There's no incentive for providers to offer Shomi a good rate when they'll ultimately roll out their own service and try to grab all the profits. Meanwhile, Netflix has responded by gutting its offering and producing many of its own shows. The market for streaming video accounts is limited, though, and people won't pay for all of them. Meanwhile, it's a bit ironic for me to be reading "the last jigsaw piece for streaming video to gain widespread acceptance will be live sports" while watching my Blue Jays game on (as I have for several years now). The content providers will never see their pot of gold. The same thing that happened to print media and music is happening to video and is happening to education. 'Live' is just a format now; you don't have to be there, and it doesn't have to be expensive.

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Doctoral dissertation successfully defended

OLDaily - Hace 9 horas 40 mins

Hans Põldoja,, Sept 27, 2016

Worth a look (212 page PDF). "The underlying concept of the study is the open education ecosystem....Firstly, to clarify the design challenges related to the open education ecosystem, this study summarizes a set of design challenges presented in design case studies. Secondly, it identifies and recommends a set of design patterns that address these design challenges. Finally, the study proposes the structure and components that are needed for the open education ecosystem." The dissertation is based on five publications and - what he doesn't tell us here - was the result of 13 years worth of work. Via Teemu Leinonen, who recommended it to me.

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Watch Disco Demolition Night Turn Into a Disaster in Real Time With This Amazing Footage

OLDaily - Hace 9 horas 40 mins

Matthew Dessem, Browbeat, Sept 27, 2016

Back in the 1970s, when disco became popular, it was all you could listen to (except maybe for the occasional classical music station). That could never happen today. If you don't like what's on the radio, you go to the internet. “ This garbage of demolishing a record has turned into a fiasco!” Piersall goes on to make the case that Steve Dahl is a symptom of national decline, telling Bill Gleason, “ We have become followers. So many people, insecure, don’ t know what to do with themselves and how to have a good time— they follow someone who’ s a jerk!” There's also an entire baseball game on this video, so enjoy.

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HTML Per Role Reveals Information Based On Your Access Level In Moodle

Moodle News - Hace 11 horas 27 mins
Placed on the Moodle dashboard or along the course pages, HTML Per Role plugin shows different instructions, reminders or general information to a user depending on their role (e.g.  teacher, student...

Cornell U Lands $23 Million for Science and Technology Center

Campus Technology - Hace 20 horas 23 mins
Cornell University received $23 million from the National Science Foundation to build a center on campus that will investigate principles of beam accelerators, which will have applications to other scientific fields like biology, chemistry and physics.

California CCs Expand Virtual Labs for IT Courses

Campus Technology - Hace 20 horas 25 mins
The California Community Colleges system has gone public with its use of an IT virtualized lab.

Determinants of Teachers' Attitudes Towards E-Learning in Tanzanian Higher Learning Institutions

OLDaily - 26 Septiembre, 2016 - 23:09

Dalton H. Kisanga, The International Review of Research in Open, Distributed Learning, Sept 26, 2016

This is a good paper, crisply written (notice, for example, how the literature review is to the point, relevant to the topic, and supports the conceptual design of the study). It's a simple survey, but at least consisted of a random sample (within constraints) and we see the actual questions. Analysis looked at responses across clusters of questions, considering for example a person's attitude to e-learning, and mapped them to demographic and other factors. Positive attitudes toward e-learning are associated with exposure to e-learning (in line with the theory of the mere exposure effect) and "are also in line with the developed conceptual framework of this study adapted from the TAM theoretical model, which explains the relationship between an individual's perceived ease of use (EoU) and attitude (A) towards a stimulus." Meanwhile, "teachers' negative attitudes towards e-learning could be attributed to other external factors that can hinder e-learning adoption."

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A Far Cry from School History: Massive Online Open Courses as a Generative Source for Historical Research

OLDaily - 26 Septiembre, 2016 - 23:09

Silvia Gallagher, Ciaran Wallace, The International Review of Research in Open, Distributed Learning, Sept 26, 2016

Good article that takes advantage of the fact that in some MOOCs knowledge is created and not merely transmitted. "Learner participation in MOOCs is a two way process whereby learners are both consumers and producers of knowledge. In these connectivist environments, learners are not only being encouraged to interact with one another, but are also given the facility to share and create content." This paper is a detailed examination of how this can work and reports on a specific case; "The MOOC examined in this research focuses on the revolutionary period between 1912 and 1923 in Ireland, and was delivered over six weeks by Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and Futurelearn." Good paper in what is a pretty uneven issue of IRRODL.

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New LinkedIn features emphasize learning as more workers face threat of automation

OLDaily - 26 Septiembre, 2016 - 23:09

Nat Levy, GeekWire, Sept 26, 2016

This article is more about the e-learning feature in LinkedIn than it is about the dangers of automation. Right now the  LinkedIn Learning services offers premiun subscribers a course-finding service, online learning support, and posting of newly acquired competencies on the personal profile, basically combining services offered by LinkedIn and The next part of the system is obviously a job-matching feature that will recommend opportunities to users, and potential candidates to employers.

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Digital Textbook Codes As Costly As Traditional Course Materials

Campus Technology - 26 Septiembre, 2016 - 22:00
Digital textbooks may be seen as a cost-friendly alternative to traditional course materials, but the fees for access codes can be just as pricey and can take away consumer autonomy from students, according to a new report from Student Public Interest Research Groups.

EBSCO Debuts Content Management System for Libraries

Campus Technology - 26 Septiembre, 2016 - 21:45
EBSCO Information Services has launched Stacks, a hosted content management system for libraries, and Stacks Mobile, a native app for iOS and Android devices.

NYU Tandon Cuts Ribbon on New Makerspace

Campus Technology - 26 Septiembre, 2016 - 20:44
On September 20, the New York University Tandon School of Engineering formally opened its new MakerSpace.

Citation Monitoring Tool Adds Data from Open Syllabus Project

Campus Technology - 26 Septiembre, 2016 - 19:39
A company that helps institutions and publishers monitor the reach of their scholarly output has begun tracking data from the Open Syllabus Project.

A Heritage Of Quality Education, Strengthened With Moodle: Moodlerooms In AIS Hong Kong

Moodle News - 26 Septiembre, 2016 - 19:23
Imagine: you are in charge of adapting the digital platform of a 30 year old school in Hong Kong. This is an institution whose alumni is routinely accepted at the best universities in the world....